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Getting Started

Facet Types

Project Info


[facetwp template="foo"]
Output a template
[facetwp facet="bar"]
Output a facet
[facetwp pager="true"]
Output pagination
[facetwp per_page="true"]
Output a "Per page" box (also see facetwp_per_page_options)
[facetwp selections="true"]
Output a list of user selections
[facetwp counts="true"]
Output pager counts (also see facetwp_result_count)
[facetwp sort="true"]
Output a sort box (also see facetwp_sort_options)

Developer Hooks


facetwp_display() Add FacetWP shortcodes to PHP template files


facetwp_index_row Modify values before they are saved to the index table
facetwp_indexer_row_data Modify the row data (array of arrays) before it's indexed
facetwp_indexer_query_args Control which posts get indexed


facetwp_query_args Override the query arguments for shortcode-based templates
facetwp_pre_filtered_post_ids Override the initial bucket of post IDs
facetwp_filtered_post_ids Override the final bucket of post IDs, after filtering has been applied
facetwp_facet_orderby Control the order of facet choices
facetwp_facet_filter_posts Override the filtering logic for specific facet(s)
facetwp_facet_render_args Modify the data passed to a facet before render()
facetwp_is_main_query Help FacetWP detect the right query for CSS-based templates
facetwp_template_use_archive Automatically pre-filter based on the current category / tag / term


FWP (object) See this related screencast
facetwp-refresh (event) This jQuery event triggers at the beginning of the refresh process
facetwp-loaded (event) This jQuery event triggers after the refresh process completes


facetwp_facet_html Override a facet's HTML output
facetwp_template_html Override a shortcode-based template's output
facetwp_pager_html Modify the pager appearance
facetwp_per_page_options Modify the choices for the "Per Page" box
facetwp_result_count Modify the result count (e.g. "1-10 of 234") appearance
facetwp_sort_options Customize the sort box logic
facetwp_sort_html Modify the sort box appearance
facetwp_shortcode_html Modify the placeholder <div> elements
facetwp_render_params Modify the raw data passed into FWP_Renderer->render
facetwp_render_output Modify the output array, before it's converted to JSON and sent to the browser
facetwp_builder_item_value Modify the value of a Layout Builder item


facetwp_assets Control which javascript or CSS assets are rendered
facetwp_facet_types Register new facet types
facetwp_facet_sources Modify the Data Sources dropdown
facetwp_facets Dynamically register new facets
facetwp_i18n Translate any dynamic strings that aren't supported by __() or _e()