FacetWP Radio facetThe radio facet type generates a single-select list of choices.

Available options

Name Description
Data source Where the values live (taxonomy, custom field, post attribute)
Default label Set a label to include an “Any” choice above the other radio buttons. The label is optional: leave it blank to remove the “Any” option. Note: this label is translatable with the facetwp_i18n hook.
Parent term If the facet’s Data source is a hierarchical taxonomy and you want to display only child terms of a specific parent, enter the parent’s term ID. (Note: don’t use this in a multilingual setup, because the parent term IDs will be different for each language).
Value modifiers Enter a list of values (one per line, without commas) to include or exclude from the facet’s choices. The values need to match the label (not the slug) of the value exactly, including spaces and capitalization. See the explanation below. If they don’t work, see this page for more info.
Show ghosts Show choices that would return zero results? See the explanation below.
Preserve ghost order Keep ghost choices in the same order (mixed with valid choices)? By default, ghost choices will appear at the bottom.
Sort by Sort facet choices by:

  • Highest count – sorts by the total number of results with that value.
  • Display value – sorts alphabetically according to the label you see on the facet choices.
  • Raw value – sorts by the value that tracks the facet choices. For example in a dropdown, this is the option value rather than the option label. You can see the raw values in the url after making facet selections.
  • Term order – sorts by taxonomy term order. This option uses term_order which is only available when using a plugin that sets an explicit order for taxonomy terms. FacetWP supports:

For custom ways of sorting, for example numerically, you can use the facetwp_facet_orderby hook.

Count The number of options to display

What are value modifiers?

Value modifiers let you include or exclude certain choices from displaying. This setting requires a re-index to take effect.

Below are some examples:

Checkboxes facet with value modifiers

What are ghosts?

Checkboxes facet Show ghosts and Preserve ghost order settingsGhosts are facet choices that do appear in the unfiltered results, but disappear after being filtered out. If a facet choice has no associated posts, then it will never appear.

When “Show ghosts” is enabled, after filtering, facet choices that would return zero results are still shown, but dimmed and not clickable.

By default, the ghosts will appear at the bottom of the list of choices. If you enable “Keep ghost order”, the ghost choices will be shown in the original order (mixed with the other, valid choices), determined by the “Sort by” setting.

Hide counts

To hide the counts for all facets of type Radio, Checkboxes, Hierarchy, and Range List (in UI modes “None”, “Radio” or “Checkboxes”), add this CSS into your theme’s style.css:

.facetwp-counter {
    display: none;

If you need to be specific about which (type of) facet to hide the counts for, use any of the following styles:

/* Hide counts in all facets with a radio UI (Radio facet, Range List facet in UI modes "None" or "Radio" */
.facetwp-radio .facetwp-counter {
    display: none;

/* Hide counts in all Radio facets */
[data-type="radio"] .facetwp-counter {
    display: none;

/* Hide counts in a specific Radio facet */
.facetwp-facet-yourfacetname .facetwp-counter {
    display: none;

Hide the “Any” option

If you want to hide the “Any” option when there are no other options left, you can use this example code to (in general) hide any facet that has no options left. This code will also hide Radio facets with only the “Any” option left. Just make sure you also disable the “Show ghosts” setting.

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