With this hook, you can customize the HTML of FacetWP’s JavaScript and CSS assets (<script> and <link> tags), before they are output in the footer of the page.

This hooks runs both on all of the main plugin’s assets, and on all add-on assets.


  • $html | string | The HTML of the asset, as output in the page footer
  • $url | string | The URL of the asset, as output in the src attribute of the asset HTML

Usage example

The following example adds the data-cookieconsent="ignore" attribute (more info) to all of FacetWP’s JavaScript assets, to prevent the Cookiebot plugin from blocking FacetWP’s scripts:

How to use custom PHP code?

PHP code can be added to your (child) theme's functions.php file. Alternatively, you can use the Custom Hooks add-on, or a code snippets plugin. More info

add_filter('facetwp_asset_html', function( $html, $url ) { // Check if it's a <script> tag if ( strpos($html, '<script') !== false ) { // Add the data-cookieconsent attribute $html = str_replace('<script ', '<script data-cookieconsent="ignore" ', $html); } return $html; }, 10, 2);

Because of the check in line 4 code, the the new attribute is only added to <script> tags, and not to <link> tags (CSS files).

With this hook added to the (child) theme’s functions.php, all of FacetWP’s <script> tags will now look like this:

<script data-cookieconsent="ignore" src="https://domain.com/wp-content/plugins/facetwp/assets/js/dist/front.min.js?ver=x.x.x"></script>

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