• Have you hit the Re-index button?
  • Does a valid listing template exist on your page?
  • Is your post type searchable? (is the exclude_from_search parameter set to false when the post type is registered)?
  • Does your facet show any rows after indexing? If not, there could be something wrong with the facet’s selected Data Source. Make sure that you select a valid data source and check if your posts have (valid) values saved for the selected field. After making corrections, re-index again to see the updated row counts. To check if a facet is working okay in general, you can test with its Data Source set to “Post Type” and re-index.
  • Are there any JavaScript errors in your browser’s console?
  • Turn on Debug Mode and make sure that FacetWP is using the right query.
  • For some specific types of custom fields — like serialized data or relationship fields — you may need to tell FacetWP’s indexer how to properly index the data.
  • Do you have post IDs higher than 4294967295? If so, your posts cannot be properly indexed because of the limitations of the database field that stores these post IDs. Implement this fix to increase this limit.

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