Every active license of FacetWP includes access to support.

How to open a support ticket

Browse to Settings > FacetWP > Support within your site’s dashboard.

Our support system automatically sends us some information about your site (active plugins, versions, etc) that often helps in troubleshooting.

Before you open a support ticket, please enable Debug Mode in FacetWP’s settings. This will give us all the info needed to quickly solve your issue. Make sure to click “Save changes” after enabling. Then clear any caches you are using.

Support hours

FacetWP support is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm EST.

The ticket submission form automatically closes on weekends (4pm Friday to 8am Monday).

This policy has been in place for 8+ years, helping to preserve our team’s sanity and work-life balance.

FacetWP is a fairly technical plugin, making support more difficult. Our small team would get overwhelmed with a weekend queue, and support quality could decrease.

This policy also helps encourage self-help; answers to many tickets already exist in our docs, accessible via the built-in search box.

We realize this is a non-standard approach, but we appreciate your understanding.

Support limitations

Our support team will help answer basic plugin setup questions, and will troubleshoot issues that directly involve FacetWP or its official add-ons.

Support does not include assistance with the following:

  • Design / styling or theming
  • Site architecture
  • Building new features or integrations
  • Extending existing features or integrations
  • Troubleshooting plugins / features / integrations that we did not build

Hiring a contractor

For custom development, we recommend using Codeable to find a contract developer.

Find a developer at Codeable

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