This add-on lets you add facets to your Bricks Builder “Posts”, “Query Loop“, and archive listings.

Supported elements

Usage: “Posts” element

1. Within Bricks, add a new “Posts” element to your page.

2. In the element settings, toggle the Use FacetWP checkbox.

3. After creating some facets, paste their shortcode(s) into a Shortcode element.

Usage: “Query Loop” feature

1. Within Bricks, create a new Div element. This will be the wrapper element that FacetWP needs to auto-detect the listing.

2. Next, add a Container, Block, or Div element (this will be our Query Loop).

3. Within this element, toggle the Use query loop checkbox, then toggle the Use FacetWP checkbox after it appears. Adjust the Query as needed by clicking the “∞” icon.

4. To add some example dynamic data, add a new Heading element and set its content to {post_title}.

5. Finally, in the “Structure” area (right sidebar), nest the elements so that it looks like Div > Query Loop > Heading. Note: “Query Loop” is the element from step #2.

Query Loop – setup video


0.4 (Sept 15, 2022)

  • New support Bricks archive templates
  • New support Bricks pages set as "Posts page" (Settings > Reading)
  • Improved moved "Using FacetWP" setting directly above the "Query" setting
  • Improved only show "Using FacetWP" setting when the "Query loop" setting is enabled
  • Improved support for Media-based query loops, incl. lightbox + PhotoSwipe

0.2 (Sept 12, 2022)

  • New support "Query Loop" elements (Container, Block, Div)
  • Improved better handling of "Posts" elements

0.1 (Sept 8, 2022)

  • Initial release

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