The free Post Types Order plugin is a great tool for changing the display order of (custom) posts.

This plugin uses WordPress’ built-in menu_order field, which can be used in WP_Query’s orderby argument.

Another good plugin that does the same is Simple Page Ordering.


FacetWP is currently only compatible with the free version of the Post Types Order plugin.

The paid Advanced Post Types Order plugin is currently untested with FacetWP. It has at least a few incompatibilities, your results may vary. We do not provide support for issues with this plugin.

Fix sorting issues

A known issue with the Post Types Order plugin is that it prevents FacetWP’s Sort facet from sorting correctly. If you run into issues while it is activated, browse to Settings > Post Types Order and uncheck the “Admin Sort” box.


If that doesn’t work, you could also try unchecking the “Auto Sort” option. With that option disabled, you’ll need to manually add 'orderby' => 'menu_order' to your WP_Query arguments.

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