In the following scenario’s facets may not work correctly on mobile:

  • If you have a “Filter” link/button that opens a custom mobile sidebar containing your facets. If that link/button is set up as a link with a hash in its href, like this: <a href="#", when it is clicked, the # will be added the the page URL. This causes issues with FacetWP’s facet refresh, which uses URL variables. Be aware that some page builders automatically add a hash when creating a button or link element with an empty href attribute. To fix this, replace the # or empty href with java¬≠script:;, like this:
<a href="javascript:;">Filter</a>
  • Note that you can also use FacetWP’s Mobile Flyout add-on to create a sidebar with facets.
  • If there are SSL issues. We’ve mostly seen this happen in IOS Safari. Often, users are testing a http:// URL, while the page is trying to connect to the https:// URL for the facet refresh. To fix this, make sure to force-redirect non-secure http:// URLs to secure https:// URLs. Most hosts have settings for this. You can also do this manually by adding a RewriteRule in your .htaccess file, or by using a plugin, like Really Simple SSL. If this is not the issue, try re-adding the SSL certificate for you domain.
  • If you have some sort of security or firewall app installed on your phone. Try deactivating these kinds of apps while testing.
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