The proximity facet lets you find results near a specified location.


IMPORTANT: For “locate me” to work, your site needs to be HTTPS-enabled. Learn more ยป

How it works

After entering a location, FacetWP uses Google to grab the latitude, longitude of that location’s central point. Results within a user-defined radius of that point are displayed.

It does not understand geographic / political boundaries. If you search for a country (e.g. Italy), the facet will return results extending from that country’s center, which may include results from other countries.

Accuracy of the “Locate me” button

When the “Locate me” button is pressed, FacetWP attempts to determine the user’s location. FacetWP first makes a browser Geolocation API request, which returns an approximate latitude/longitude (based on the user’s IP address).

Then FacetWP performs a reverse lookup to determine the human-friendly physical address. This not an exact science, and occasionally the location can be off by several kilometers.


The Data Source should be a custom field containing a comma-separated latitude, longitude.

Listify / Listable users: set the facet’s Data Source to geolocation_lat.

If your posts are not geocoded, try the ACF plugin. Add a Google Map field to attach a location to your posts. If you need multiple locations per post, wrap your Google Map field within a Repeater.

Available options

Name Description
Other data source Choose a longitude field if stored separately from the latitude
Unit of measurement Miles or kilometers
Radius UI The UI for the radius selector (dropdown, slider, none)

Using a Google Maps API key

The proximity facet requires a valid Google Maps API key. After generating an API key, add it to Settings > FacetWP > Settings.

Limit autocomplete to a specific country

Force the autocomplete to show only choices in Germany (country code = “de”).

add_filter( 'facetwp_proximity_autocomplete_options', function( $options ) {
    $options['componentRestrictions'] = [
        'country' => ['de'],
    return $options;

Limit autocomplete to showing cities

add_filter( 'facetwp_proximity_autocomplete_options', function( $options ) {
    $options['types'] = ['(cities)'];
    return $options;

Change the minimum character length and delay

add_filter( 'facetwp_assets', function( $assets ) {
    FWP()->display->json['proximity']['queryDelay'] = 250; // default = 250 milliseconds
    FWP()->display->json['proximity']['minLength'] = 3; // default = 3 characters
    return $assets;
} );

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