FacetWP includes built-in support for WP-CLI.

Installing WP-CLI

WP-CLI is a PHP package that you install on your web server. Please visit wp-cli.org for details.


FacetWP provides 2 CLI commands:

wp facetwp index [--ids=<ids>] [--facets=<facets>]


wp facetwp purge [--ids=<ids>] [--facets=<facets>]
  • ids (optional) — a comma-separated list of post IDs
  • facets (optional) — a comma-separated list of facet names


Re-index the entire site:

wp facetwp index

Re-index a single post:

wp facetwp index --ids=42

Re-index facets named “make” and “model”:

wp facetwp index --facets=make,model

Re-index a post type named “cars”:

wp facetwp index --ids=$(wp post list --post_type=cars --format=ids | tr " " ",")

In the above example, we’re using WP-CLI’s wp post list command. Post IDs are returned space-separated, so we use the tr command to swap spaces with commas.

Purge the index table:

wp facetwp purge

Purge values for a facet named “year”:

wp facetwp purge --facets=year