The most common cause of facets disappearing is because your facet shortcodes are inside of the facetwp-template container element. The element with that class will be dynamically replaced when using facets, so facets need to be outside of it to keep functioning properly.

In listings made with the Listing Builder, this issue will never happen, because the class will be automatically placed on the right element.

But if you are using a WP Archive or a custom WP_Query, or a setup with a page builder query/posts block for your listing, your facets may end up inside the element that has the facetwp-template class.

The solution in all cases is removing the facetwp-template class from where you placed it (if you did), and manually placing it on an element that (directly) surrounds the post loop.

For further explanations about the role of the facetwp-template class in FacetWP’s automatic query detection, and ways to fix issues with it, see the sections about it on the Using a WP Archive and Using a custom WP_Query pages.

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