Why FacetWP?

FacetWP provides faceted search.

FacetWP's filtering elements (called facets) dynamically adjust to user input. This helps prevent "No results found" screens, which keeps your users engaged.

Easy to get up and running

Tons of UI choices

From checkboxes to maps to sliders - FacetWP provides a variety of UI elements to integrate seamlessly with your design.

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FacetWP facet types

Show your results

FacetWP Layout Builder

With FacetWP, you're not locked into any grid builder. Use your existing archive pages, a page builder, our built-in layout builder, or any custom WP_Query. FacetWP will adapt as your site requirements change.

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Helpful shortcodes

In addition to facets and templates, other features (pagination, sorting, user selections, etc.) are available as shortcodes that can be placed virtually anywhere on your site.

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Lightning fast

FacetWP is ajax-based, so filtering happens quickly and without page refreshes. The plugin also uses an index table for extra speed.

How it works

Uses WP Core

FacetWP uses your existing data. Facets can be created from your site's custom fields, taxonomies, and post data (author, post date, post type, etc).

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Versatile hooks

Developers can take advantage of the plugin's many hooks for a high degree of customization.

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Works with other popular plugins

Out of the box FacetWP has built-in support for WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, SearchWP, WP Job Manager, WP CLI and more.


Easily add filtering to your WooCommerce shop pages. FacetWP supports product attributes and even variable products!

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Advanced Custom Fields

Facets can be created using any ACF fields. FacetWP supports all the basic field types, as well as advanced fields such as relationship and repeater fields!

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Beaver Builder

Thanks to our free add-on, FacetWP integrates with many different Beaver Builder listing modules. You can visually create grid listings without coding knowledge.

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Integrations & add-ons galore

Besides our integrations with popular other great plugins and themes, FacetWP offers a wide range of add-ons that unlock extra facets and features.

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