// FacetWP Benefits

Unrivaled filtering

  • FacetWP provides true faceted search, unlike basic filtering from other plugins
  • When a facet choice is selected, all other facets on the page dynamically adjust
  • Facet counts accurately reflect available results
  • This virtually eliminates users from seeing “No results found” pages
  • This keeps users engaged, leading to more sales / views!

Super-charge your existing data

  • Use your site’s existing data for filtering
  • Supports all post types
  • Supports all taxonomies
  • Supports custom fields
  • Includes built-in integration with ACF
  • Includes integration with the Meta Box plugin (free add-on)
  • Supports WooCommerce product attributes
  • Supports WooCommerce product variations
  • Supports searching WooCommerce SKUs and other product meta
  • Supports post attributes (title, post date, post author, etc)
  • FacetWP Professional supports filtering of WordPress users
  • Uses WP core search by default (searches title and post body)
  • Integrates with SearchWP or Relevanssi (separate plugins) to search additional content: custom fields, taxonomies, even PDF contents.

Tons of facet UI options

  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • fSelect (HTML5 select replacement, easy to customize)
  • Radio
  • Hierarchy (for hierarchical taxonomies)
  • Slider (range slider)
  • Search
  • Autocomplete
  • Date Range
  • Number Range
  • Proximity (geolocation, find nearby results)
  • Map Facet (free add-on)
  • Range List (free add-on)
  • Hierarchy Select (free add-on)
  • Star Rating (free add-on)
  • Time Since (free add-on)
  • Alphabetical Listing (free add-on)
  • Color (free add-on)

Easy implementation

  • Each facet has a shortcode that can be dropped on a page
  • Each shortcode can live virtually anywhere on the page, not just the sidebar
  • FacetWP automatically detects archive pages (such as category pages or the WooCommerce shop archive), so facet shortcodes will “just work”
  • Alternatively, use your existing template query or create your own template from scratch via a FacetWP (shortcode-based) template


  • FacetWP is entirely ajax-based, eliminating the need for full page refreshes
  • FacetWP uses an index table for lightning fast lookups
  • We provide a free Caching add-on for extra speed
  • Compatible with PHP 5.3+, including PHP 7.2+

Better WooCommerce filtering

  • Fully supports WooCommerce attributes
  • Fully supports WooCommerce product variations
  • Customize whether to display facets for out-of-stock products
  • Automatically integrates with the WooCommerce shop page and other archive pages
  • Supports WooCommerce product search
  • Supports WooCommerce Bookings for finding products based on availability

Works great with Advanced Custom Fields

  • Facets can be created using any ACF fields
  • FacetWP supports all standard field types (text, select, checkbox, radio, etc)
  • FacetWP supports all advanced field types (map, post object, relationship, repeater)
  • FacetWP even supports repeater sub-fields

Beaver Builder support

  • FacetWP integrates with Beaver Builder’s “Post Grid” module
  • Easily (and visually) create grid listings without programming knowledge

Create beautiful maps

  • The “Map Facet” add-on lets you add maps to your result pages
  • Maps can also serve as filters, optionally showing results within the map bounds
  • Each marker’s tooltip content can be fully customized
  • Each map’s appearance can be fully customized

FacetWP supports other plugins too:

  • SearchWP
  • Relevanssi (and Relevanssi Premium)
  • WooCommerce Bookings
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • WP Job Manager
  • Meta Box
  • Polylang
  • WPML