In FacetWP 3.9, we’ve removed some deprecated javascript methods. The old methods (and their replacements) are listed below:

How to use custom JavaScript code?

JavaScript code can be placed in your (child) theme's main JavaScript file. Alternatively, you can add it manually between <script> tags in the <head> section of your (child) theme's header.php file. You can also load it with a hook in your (child) theme's functions.php file, or in the Custom Hooks add-on. To load the code only on pages with facets, use the facetwp_scripts hook. To load it on all pages, use wp_head or wp_footer. Or you can use a code snippets plugin. More info

FWP.build_post_data() => FWP.buildPostData() FWP.build_query_string() => FWP.buildQueryString() FWP.fetch_data() => FWP.fetchData() FWP.load_from_hash() => FWP.loadFromHash() FWP.parse_facets() => FWP.parseFacets() FWP.set_hash() => FWP.setHash()

If your site relies on any of the old methods, add the following hook to resolve issues:

How to use custom PHP code?

PHP code can be added to your (child) theme's functions.php file. Alternatively, you can use the Custom Hooks add-on, or a code snippets plugin. More info

add_filter( 'facetwp_load_deprecated', '__return_true' );

Using FaceWP 3.9.x with the Listify and Listable themes

If you are using the Listify or Listable theme, at the time of writing you need the above hook to fix the facets and submit button on the home page.

This filter can be removed as soon as the issue is fixed in these themes and you have updated it. We will update this page as soon as these themes have been fixed.

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