FacetWP includes built-in support for Advanced Custom Fields. It supports basic field types (Text, Select, Checkbox, etc.), Relationship fields and even Repeater sub-fields.

Create your field group

The first step is to create an ACF field group. In the screenshot below, we’re adding a new “Event Fields” group, and attaching it to the Event post type.

ACF field group

Use your field group

After you’ve added your field group, the next step would be to add some content. Edit some of your posts to make sure that your fields are appearing correctly.

post edit screen

Create your facet

After you’ve added some content using your new custom fields, go to Settings > FacetWP, click the Facets tab, then click the Add New button.

For the facet’s Data source, scroll down until you see the Advanced Custom Fields header, then select the appropriate choice.

FacetWP data source dropdown

Alternatively, use the built-in search box for quickly finding the desired field.

FacetWP data source search

Repeater fields

Facets can be added using data from repeater sub-fields.

Repeater values are tied back to the parent post. This means that repeater rows aren’t directly filterable.

For example, let’s say you have a “Speakers” facet based on a repeater field:

If the user selects “Jim”, the other choices (Bob, Dan) will remain too. This is because the 3 choices are tied to the parent post.