A listing template tells FacetWP which posts to filter. For any facet to work, there needs to be a FacetWP-enabled listing on the page. Without a valid listing template, facets will not show up.

Supported listing templates

FacetWP supports the following listing template types:

Using multiple listing templates

You can have multiple listings on a page, but only one of them should be FacetWP-enabled. FacetWP will filter only one listing per page and will not function correctly with multiple FacetWP-enabled listings.

If you are using the Listing Builder to build your listings, the same applies. But it may be good to know that in this case you can add one or more “static” listings if needed. These will just not react to facets.

As FacetWP-enabled listings always have the class facetwp-template, you can check your page’s source code for the number of times this class appears. It should be only once.

Solving issues with listings

There could be many reasons why your listing is not reacting correctly to your facets. First check the documention page of the listing template type you are using, to see if you have set up things correctly.

The next thing to try is to enable “Strict query detection” in the settings. In most cases this will fix the issue. If not, check if FacetWP is using the right query. Also check the FAQs and the Troubleshooting page for more clues.

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