Since version 4.2.12, FacetWP has a Scroll target setting to enable page scrolling when using a Pager facet. Except in this Pager facet setting, FacetWP and its add-ons do not add any scrolling behavior anywhere.

If you see unwanted scrolling behavior, check your theme settings and other plugins.

Make sure you are not using a custom scrolling solution from our scrolling tutorial in your (child) theme’s functions.php or a code snippets plugin.

If you are using the Beaver Builder add-on, check if you have Beaver Builder’s “Render CSS/JS assets inline” setting enabled, or if you are using the fl_builder_render_assets_inline filter hook, which both cause a JavaScript error that re-enables Beaver Builder’s page scroll that is prevented by FacetWP’s Beaver Builder add-on.

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