We’re thrilled to announce the availability of FacetWP 4.0.

Bumped requirements

FacetWP 4.0 requires PHP 7.0 or above. This affects approximately 0.3% of our customer base, and it’s strongly recommended anyways since PHP 7 is up to twice as fast (and more secure).

Improved admin UI

In FacetWP 4.0 we further refined the admin UI and provided a handful of quality-of-life enhancements. It’s now possible to copy shortcodes directly from the listing screens, as well as quickly and easily duplicate facets and templates.

We’ve also greatly enhanced the Listing Builder’s interface.

Listing items are now a lot more distinguished, and we’ve fixed the (purple) action buttons so they’re not nearly as finnicky to choose.

The “Advanced mode” toggles (now called “Dev mode“) are more intuitive. A lot of folks didn’t realize before that “Display” and “Query” have their own, independent toggles.

New “Reset” facet type

As another highly request feature, we’ve added a “Reset” facet type.

It resets all facets on the page by default, but you could also choose specific facets instead.

Support for WP Rocket

WP Rocket support has been a heavily requested feature. It’s a popular, well-written (and well-supported) plugin so we’re happy to provide built-in integration.

This integration prevents WP Rocket from inappropriately caching a handful of FacetWP’s assets, thus preventing timing issues and keeping the filtering running smoothly.


This release includes over 2 dozen changes and enhancements.

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