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Integrate with WP Recipe Maker or Tasty Recipes

Elementor Integration

Add facets to your Elementor grid listings

Beaver Builder Integration

Add facets to your BB grid listings


Add a mobile-friendly filter bar

Map Facet

Create maps as (filterable!) facets

User Post Type Pro

Add facets to user listings


Database caching for extra speed

Conditional Logic

Toggle facets based on certain conditions


Integrate with WPML or Polylang

Hierarchy Select

Guided dropdowns, one depth level at a time

Pods Integration

Integrate with the Pods plugin

Range List

Create a list of custom ranges

Time Since

Filter results by time interval, such as "in the past 30 days"


Filter results by color

Alphabetical Listing

Filter results by first letter

Relevanssi Integration

Integrate with the Relevanssi plugin