License activation

After enabling the plugin, browse to Settings > FacetWP > Settings. Fill in the “License key” box, then hit the “Activate” button.


Automatic (subscription)

If you’ve made a purchase on or after November 6, 2017, your license will auto-renew after 1 year.

If you need to cancel the auto-renew, visit the My Account page. Once logged into your account, there is a “Cancel” button beside the active subscription.


To manually renew, enter your existing license key into the “Discount” box during checkout. Please first make sure that your license doesn’t already have an active subscription.

A renewal will add 1 year to the expiration date. If the license has expired, the new expiration date will be 1 year from the renewal purchase date.


Your license key can also be added with the FACETWP_LICENSE_KEY constant or facetwp_license_key filter.

// add to your wp-config.php file
define( 'FACETWP_LICENSE_KEY', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' );
// add to your functions.php file or into a custom plugin
add_filter( 'facetwp_license_key', function( $license_key ) {
    return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';