This will be one of our biggest releases yet, set to arrive on February 21.

FacetWP 3.5 requires PHP 5.6+, WordPress 4.9+, and ACF 5+ (if using ACF).

We take pride in providing a solid codebase. By periodically updating the requirements, we’re able to remove “baggage” code and refactor areas to be more performant.

Query Builder improvements

We’ve adjusted the Query Builder’s styling to match more closely with WordPress 5.3, and also added much better date handling.

You can now use strtotime-based strings (i.e. “now”, “today”, “last Thursday”, etc) with Post Date, Post Modified, or any date-based custom field.

Better loading animations

The facet loading animation is now more visually appealing across different themes. There’s no more “grey fog” that appears for sites with dark backgrounds.

Improved indexing

FacetWP now uses a temporary table during the re-index process to prevent downtime. This is a huge improvement, especially for sites with a large amount of content.


FacetWP 3.5 includes many smaller quality-of-life improvements.

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