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Conditional Logic

This add-on lets you toggle facets (and other elements) based on certain conditions.

First, we add a Ruleset. Each Ruleset contains Conditions (IF) and Actions (THEN).


Conditions determine what to test for.

Let’s say you want to do something on http://yoursite.com/demo/cars/ if the “Make” facet has audi selected. You’d add the following conditions:

The ON box determines when the ruleset should be evaluated:

  • Loaded – after the refresh process finishes
  • Refresh – before the refresh process starts
  • Refresh & Loaded – both


Actions determine what to do. Each action has 2 inputs:

  • Toggle – Show or Hide
  • Object – A facet, all facets, the template, or a custom selector
  • Else – What to do when the rulseset doesn’t match (Do the opposite, or Do nothing)

Custom Selectors

Actions also support custom selectors. In the Object dropdown, select the Custom option. Within the subsequent popup, you can enter jQuery selectors (one per line).

To toggle a facet’s parent container (.widget) you’d use:


To target an <h3> heading directly before a facet:


Hide Empty Facets

  • Create a new ruleset
  • Leave the Conditions blank (ON: Loaded)
  • New Action: Hide for the first dropdown, Selector for the second
  • Click the “<>” button

In the modal, use the $EMPTY selector to hide the facet itself. If you want to hide the parent container too (e.g. .widget), then you’d use:




  • Added “Else” option to control what happens when the rules do not match (do opposite / do nothing)


  • Fixed incorrect “facets in use” detection


  • Ability to hide empty facets (see docs)


  • Removed github-updater.php (now in core)
  • IMPORTANT: before upgrading, please delete the older version


  • Initial release