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Conditional Logic

This add-on lets you toggle facets (and other elements) based on certain conditions.

First, we add a Ruleset. Each Ruleset contains Conditions (IF) and Actions (THEN).


Conditions determine what to test for.

Let’s say you want to do something on yoursite.com/demo/cars/ if the “Make” facet has bmw selected. You’d add the following conditions:

If a ruleset has no conditions, then its actions will always be applied.


Actions determine what to do. Each action has 2 inputs:

  • Toggle – Show or Hide
  • Object – A facet, all facets, the template, or a custom selector
  • Else – What to do when the rulseset doesn’t match (Do the opposite, or Do nothing)

Using custom selectors

  • Click the “Add action” button
  • In the second dropdown, choose the Selector option
  • A new input box will appear, in which you can enter jQuery selectors (one per line).

To toggle a facet’s parent container (.widget) you’d use:


To target an <h3> heading directly before a facet:


Targeting empty facets

In the “Custom selector” box (see above), enter $EMPTY.

If you need to target the facet’s parent element instead, you’d use:


Targeting active (in-use) facets

In the “Custom selector” box (see above), enter $ACTIVE.