For FacetWP 3.0, we spent considerable time focusing on how to improve the admin UI. We also listened to user feedback and improved many other aspects of the plugin.

New admin UI

The admin interface has been greatly streamlined.

admin UI

Both facets and templates appear on the same screen. To help with larger sites, we’ve included a search box for quickly finding facets or templates by name (or facet type!). Facets and templates now also support drag-n-drop ordering.

fSelect improvements

We’ve implemented a highly-requested feature: for multi-select fSelect facets, the results automatically refresh after each selection.

fSelect auto refresh

fSelect facets now support hierarchical taxonomies. There’s a new Hierarchical setting, just like with Dropdown and Checkbox facet types.

Smarter taxonomy facets

On taxonomy archive pages (e.g. /category/cats/), if you have a facet whose data source shares the same taxonomy as the current page, then that facet will only show children of the current term.

Support for custom URL prefixes

We’ve added a new “URL Prefix” setting that lets you choose between fwp_ and _ as the URL variable prefix.

We can’t completely remove the prefix altogether just yet (to prevent conflicts with WP core), but expect more flexibility in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚

Other changes

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