// Installation


When you purchase FacetWP, you will receive a download URL and license key.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can either upload the ZIP file through WordPress admin, or manually extract the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

License Activation

After activating the plugin, browse to Settings > FacetWP, then click on the Settings tab. To activate your license, enter your license key into the box and hit “Activate”.

Automatic Updates

After you enter the license key, the plugin will notify you when new updates are available. Upgrading is a 1-click process within WordPress admin.

Manual Updates

Access your purchase history and download links


To renew your license, enter your license key into the Discount box during checkout.

A renewal will add 1 year to the expiration date. If the license has expired, the new expiration date will be 1 year from the renewal purchase date.