0.4 (Nov 6, 2020) — Download from your account page

This add-on integrates FacetWP with WP Recipe Maker or Tasty Recipes.


After installing, you’ll see a new header in the “Data source” dropdown when editing your facet.

UI settings

When WP Recipe Maker is installed, you’ll see an extra Index recipe data for option within Settings > FacetWP > Settings.

Blog posts

This tells FacetWP to scan blog post content for attached recipes, then associate the recipe data with the blog posts themselves.

This is the default value. It works well for most recipe index pages, since these pages are generally configured to display lists of posts.


This tells FacetWP to index wprm_recipe items directly. This is intended for custom queries (or grid builders) where you’re listing wprm_recipe items instead of posts.



  • New layout builder support for WPRM


  • Fixed issue preventing WPRM taxonomies from indexing


  • Fixed display WPRM internal taxonomies (ingredients, equipment)