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We've put thousands of hours into FacetWP, and we're just getting started! With new features and improvements arriving every few weeks, you can rely on us to keep your site on the cutting edge.

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Common Questions

What are the requirements?
FacetWP requires PHP 5.3+ and WordPress 4.7+ (fully compatible with 4.9.5)
Do I need a developer to set up FacetWP?
No, but WordPress development experience is highly recommended.
Does FacetWP work on WordPress.com?
No, FacetWP is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress(.org) installs.
What about multilingual sites?
Free add-ons are available to integrate with Polylang or WPML.
Do you offer refunds?
We have a 14 day return policy. For technical issues, we ask that you allow us to help you first.
Do I get plugin updates?
Yes, automatic updates are enabled for sites with an active license key.
What happens when my license expires?
FacetWP will continue to work, but you will no longer receive plugin updates or support.
How do I renew?
During checkout, click the "discount code" link and enter your current license key.
How much do renewals cost?
We offer a 20% renewal discount. Customers before August 2, 2017 get a grandfathered renewal rate.
Can I share my license key?
A license is valid for sites owned by you and your clients. Resale or distribution is not permitted.