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Sort results by distance

The following code will sort results by distance whenever a proximity facet is active (unless the Sort by dropdown is already in use): [orderby_distance]

Solving indexing issues for password-protected sites

To bypass PHP timeout issues, FacetWP’s indexer makes a series of HTTP requests to itself. If your site uses HTTP Basic Authentication (.htpasswd), you’ll need to tell FacetWP how to log in. NOTE: Use the HTTP Basic Authentication login, NOT a WordPress login Add the following into functions.php or into the Custom Hooks plugin: [basic_auth]

How to hide the template until facets are selected

To hide the template on pageload, add the following CSS to your theme’s style.css: [hide-template-css] Then, add the following into your theme’s functions.php or into the Custom Hooks plugin: [hide-template-js] That’s it! Now your template is hidden until the facets get used.

What’s new in FacetWP 3.0

For FacetWP 3.0, we spent considerable time focusing on how to improve the admin UI. We also listened to user feedback and improved many other aspects of the plugin. New admin UI The admin interface has been greatly streamlined. Both facets and templates appear on the same screen. To help with larger sites, we’ve included […]

FacetWP Debugging

Use the following steps to help diagnose and fix FacetWP issues. First steps Here’s some scenarios for when facets wouldn’t appear: Does a template exist on the page? Do some facets exist on the page (either shortcodes or PHP)? Your post type needs exclude_from_search = FALSE (re-index afterwards) Other scenarios may include: Custom WP_Query on a standard page or an archive page Plugin compatibility […]

What’s new in FacetWP 2.8

In 2.8, we focused on both code modernization and loading speed. We strongly recommend upgrading, since this version also fixes 1 security issue. Important notes FacetWP 2.8 now requires the following: WordPress 4.4 or above PHP 5.3 or above Faster loading Shortcode-based templates now use a REST API endpoint (instead of admin-ajax.php). On average, we’ve seen about a […]