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Troubleshooting EDD + Nginx FastCGI Cache

We recently noticed some caching issues with Easy Digital Downloads when combined with Nginx’s built-in FastCGI Caching. The problem Users would occasionally see a “Checkout” button on the Buy page even though they hadn’t added anything to their cart. It turns out that user sessions were being cached as well. We needed a way to […]

FacetWP Debugging

Use the following steps to help diagnose and fix FacetWP issues. First steps Here’s some scenarios for when facets wouldn’t appear: Does a template exist on the page? Do some facets exist on the page (either shortcodes or PHP)? Your post type needs exclude_from_search = FALSE (re-index afterwards) Other scenarios may include: Custom WP_Query on a standard page or an archive page Plugin compatibility […]

What’s new in FacetWP 2.8

In 2.8, we focused on both code modernization and loading speed. We strongly recommend upgrading, since this version also fixes 1 security issue. Important notes FacetWP 2.8 now requires the following: WordPress 4.4 or above PHP 5.3 or above Faster loading Shortcode-based templates now use a REST API endpoint (instead of admin-ajax.php). On average, we’ve seen about a […]