If you’ve gotten to this page, you likely already know a thing or two about FacetWP.

FacetWP was created in late 2013 and has grown into a self-sufficient business. We’re a small team (there’s 2 of us), and are looking for another jack-of-all-trades to join our team.

Could that person be you?

The position assumes a deep understanding of the WordPress codebase, including low-level knowledge of WP’s hook system, WP_Query, etc. Experience with javascript (vanilla JS, Vue, etc) is also a plus, as well as having a good grasp of CSS and HTML.

The role will start out as a part-time position, but there’s no hourly limit. We’d prefer that you have at least 20 hours per week of availability though. The hourly rate is negotiable, with $40/hour as the baseline.

The responsibilities will vary, which each of us taking rotations providing support. Other opportunities include writing and maintaining our collection of add-ons, building out new add-ons (and core functionality), writing or recording tutorials and documentation, marketing / outreach, etc. Since we’re such a small team, you will have a major impact on FacetWP’s direction.

As for tooling, we use Help Scout for support and GitHub for code management.

If interested in the position (or to just learn more), feel free to reach Matt via hello@facetwp.com.