Elementor Pro

FacetWP’s Elementor addon integrates with Elementor Pro to add support for Elementor posts widgets and its theme builder archive posts widgets.


While FacetWP layout builder templates can be used by adding shortcodes to your Elementor page layout, installing this addon adds a FacetWP enable toggle setting to compatible widgets so that you can create your post list layouts with Elementor’s design options.

Facet filters and other display shortcodes can be added with Elementor’s shortcode widget.

Currently the Posts Widget and Woocommerce Products Widget are supported for building page layouts with Elementor and FacetWP.

Archive Pages

FacetWP can also be enabled on archive templates created with the Elementor Theme builder.  The Archive posts widget (for posts, pages, and custom post types) and the Archive products widget (for Woocommerce product archives) can be enabled in their settings for FacetWP in the same way as the above widgets while automatically using the archive query for the results.


In most cases, FacetWP will detect Elementor’s numbered pagination and convert it for use with filtering.  However, you can turn off the module’s pagination and add FacetWP’s pager shortcode to your layout instead.