// Deprecated: “Permalink Type” setting

FacetWP supports 2 permalink types, namely URL Hash permalinks:


and GET variable permalinks:


When FacetWP was first released, it only supported hash-based permalinks. The major downside is that they’re invisible to search engines, which is really bad for SEO.

GET-based permalinks are fully visible to search engines and PHP. This permalink type requires modern browsers, but since Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer 10, we’re confident that this is the right path moving forward.

What has already changed?

Starting in FacetWP 2.2.9, we’ve removed the the Permalink Type setting from all clean installs and sites already using GET-based permalinks.

What will be changing?

Later this year, we are removing hash-based permalinks. This will result in a cleaner, faster codebase since we’ll no longer need to support 2 permalink structures. Your site will automatically switch to GET-based permalinks.

How to prepare

If your site doesn’t have any hard-coded facet links, no changes are needed!

The first option is to add this code into functions.php. It automatically converts hard-coded link to the new permalink structure. The other option is to manually adjust your links.





To change the Permalink Type setting manually, browse to Settings > FacetWP and visit the “Settings” tab.