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This plugin integrates with WooCommerce Bookings to find available bookings within a user-specified date range.

It adds a new “Availability” facet type. This facet type includes Start Date (date picker), End Date (date picker), and Quantity (text) input fields.

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings lets you create bookable products. You can use it for scheduling appointments, services, and product rentals (e.g. car rental).

With the free WooCommerce Accomodation Bookings add-on, you can also create an Airbnb-style reservation system, making it easy to sell hotel rooms, apartments, and other overnight spaces.

Creating a Bookable Product

  • When adding a Product, select Bookable product or Accomodation product as the Product Type
  • In the General tab, set “Calendar display mode” to Calendar always visible

Adding the Facet

  • Create a new facet, and set the Facet type to Availability
  • Add the facet to your Shop or product listing page(s)

WP Job Manager Products

Starting in version 0.4, we’ve integrated with the WP Job Manager Products plugin. When used on a Listings page, this add-on will automatically filter based on the WooCommerce Product(s) attached to each result.



  • Added support for time-based bookings
  • Added datepicker locale support


  • Fix: flatpickr CSS filename


  • New: support for the WPJM Products plugin
  • Improved: replaced bootstrap-datepicker with flatpickr
  • Improved: disable past dates in datepicker


  • Fixed JS timing issue


  • Automatic updates!
  • IMPORTANT: before upgrading, please delete the older version


  • Fixed timing issue with bootstrap-datepicker.js


  • Initial release


  • Version: 0.4.2
  • Updated: Dec 6, 2016

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